October Break


Just thought I'd post saying I'm home for October break!!! Very excited about being home, so missed my mother's cooking!! We had birthday cake too, and I got a few presents. Hogans Season 6 (YEAH!), a fiction book about Rome, one about England, and one about a dog. Um my favorite things in the world. Now I'm sitting here, watching the Red Soxs with my parents. I just iced my knee for the night. It's doing better, I skated today. It started to hurt about an hour into skating, but then I haven't been on it that much. It's all good. I sucked at hockey today, Irv yelled at me, but whatever. I know I sucked.

So TV has been good. Loving CSI so bad. I want more Sara and Grissom, though that relationship might be over since Sara is switching to the swing shift. So uncool. I love the two of them together, they are just so cute. I loved when Ecklie asked Grissom how long he and Sara have been together, and he said, "9 years." How sweet that he starts it at their first meeting. Ohhh Grissom! The rest of the episode was good, I love Greg. He pretended to know all about Sara and Grissom. Hehe.

CSI Miami was good too. Um this whole thing with H's son is interesting. I'm excited to see where this will go, and if the kid will accept H. I would. Sooo love Miami, always so action packed, and H is amazing. Hope Ryan gets reinstated soon.

Law and Order SVU and CI were both good. Love Eliot and Goren SO MUCH! AHHHHHHH! Cannot help myself. Goren was so freaking good in the first episode. Eliot wasn't in the latest episode that much, it made me sad.

Didn't see Journeyman since I can't get it to work. That makes me sad.

Hollyoaks is as always amazing, and I cannot wait for more.




So since I was in England and I saw the finale of CSI, I have been waiting for this day! September 27, not just my birthday but the day CSI Season 9 premiered. I needed to know if Sara was alive or dead. I love her and Grissom together, they are just so cute. I love Grissom, and for him to find happiness, is amazing. I love Lady Heather episodes, cause she is great, and their relationship is soo complex. But Sara and Grissom is sweet and cute, and omg I sound like a girl.

Anyway, last night, I was on my bed, with my busted knee, all set, and I was not disappointed. But now I hear that Sara is leaving the show in November, and that does not please me. WHY! Come on!

I just remembered, the preview for next week, Mr. Asshole asks how long they are been intimate, and Sara replies 2 years, and Gris replies 9. OMG! How freaking sweet! Love him so much.

TV week went well, love CSI Miami of course. Journeyman looks interesting, and will continue to watch that show. I flipped out over Hollyoaks... that show is just too exciting for me. The reunion of Max and OB should be happening soon, sooo exciting. Love those two guys, and little Tom. It's coming up to where I saw it in England, but I'll probably rewatch the shows.

Alright that's all I got, time to go watch some hockey.


7am Hockey Practice


Okay so if that title does not answer all questions about why I do not post often, I don't know what will. Yes, I am now getting up at 6am to get ready for hockey. Wow my life. I also have dryland at that time too... so I'm up and running at 7am. EW!

I mean I love hockey, it's great, and as soon as I get on the ice I'm okay with being up at 7am for it, it's just the time between getting up and getting on the ice that kills me. I've been going to bed wicked early, so I've been sleeping just fine, but still it's not to my liking.

Hockey has been good, getting back into the routine of playing at this high level, it's very different than the woman's league. Gee shock. I'm considered half a returner, so the other day I had to be on the team with the freshmen when we did freshmen vs. returners. We only lost like 4-2, and I scored one of the goals. It was okay.

Dryland is kicking my butt, but then I hate running. I give 120% I feel, so I'm happy with that, but who wants to run? Not me. Some of the freshmen have been skipping Friday, which makes me angry cause it's still early, and we are going this early for them. They are the ones who scheduled their classes in the morning, so argh to them.

Class has been fine. This kid in Honors keeps looking at me, it's so funny. We kinda flirt, I think, over The Iliad, so we shall see what happens. We are done with Troy, and moving onto Sappho. Haha. I love that class though, it's so fun. We just sit and talk about the different stories, it's like being in England.

I also have Public Speaking with Pete, and some of the baseball guys. I will have to give my speech soon, sooo looking forward to that. It's going to be about England of course.

Speaking of England, Kara, one of the transfers said that I should start enjoying Maine, and basically forget about England. That it doesn't do any good to live in the past, and long for my flat mates. Not sure why she feels she gets to say this stuff to me, I've only known her for like 2 weeks, and how does she know I'm bothered by the fact that I am not in England? I've been doing the staring off in the distance thing, but only because I've been thinking about a story. Yeah I miss my flat mates, but I know I'm not in England. I do miss it, but it doesn't effect me that much. I was very bothered by her telling me this, I mean she has no right. She doesn't know me. I told Elyse, she think she's full of shit. Go Elyse.

I saw the Cashman's yesterday. Cash is playing in a Woman's Tournament, and they came up to see her play. It was sooo good to see them, I've missed the Cashman's!! Shannon is living in Philippi, which I was not aware of.

Alright enough for now,



So watching the Red Soxs play the Jays right now, but yeah the game just ended. So no CSI or Law and Order SVU tonight... how will I survive? I have class late on Wednesday... err screwing with my TV. I need my daily dose of CSI and Law and Order SVU every night. It's like a drug.

Anyway so class. Honors and Advanced Memoir on Wednesday. Honors was fun, we discussed The Iliad and The Apology. It was great, we just sat around and talked. Someone made fun of Hector for running around the city instead of fighting... er to him. It was Pete. Hector is brave and wonderful.

Advanced Memoir was interesting. Shorty and Heather are in the class with me. I knew Shorty would be there, but Heather was a surprise. A good one though. She drove me back to Gorham after class. I love to write so this will be cool. I'm doing so much writing it's actually a little insane. Oh well.

Off to finish my tea.


So it's been about four weeks since I last wrote. Yeah it's been a long time. OPPS! Sorry.

My life though has been the gym, St. B's, and some hockey.

I'm at school now though, and I just finished packleading. THANK GOD! Pack Leading was fun, but by the end it got sooo tiring. Sunday was a 15 hour day, and then today we played mother to the freshmen by bringing them to different events aka brunch and the involvement fair.

I have a room in Philippi though, a little single. It's not bad, small and the set up sucks, but I'm making the best of it.

The coolest thing that has happened though is The IT Crowd is back for the second season. YES!! It's amazing! Matt Berry is in it, and yes I want his body. He comes in the second episode, and what a classic entrance. It's his father's funeral, and all a sudden the doors opened, and he is there and he yells, "FFFFFAAAAATTTTTTTTHHHHHHHEEEEEEERRRRRR!" I had tears in my eyes. Of course the line before that scene is just as good. Roy comforts the widow and says, "I'm sorry for your loss, move on." HAHAHAHAH! Amazing! The first episode is great too, all Roy says through most of the show is, "I'm disabled." It really gets close to crossing the line, but it's just so great.
I LOVE THE IT CROWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So I've been around... just not posting here.

I was in Maine. I was doing Orientation, I'm one of the leaders and it was a good time. We were up REALLY early, like waking up at 6am, and at 7am we were all cheery, and excited to be USM Students. I do enjoy Orientation, I mean I like the interaction with the new students and their parents, well not all the parents. I got to lead one of the USM 102 sessions, and though I was scared when I began, I think it went well. They seemed to understand what I was saying. I got to lead it because the advisor did not show up. It was Jean, and Janice overbooked her... so yeah. I did it!! That was on Wednesday, and it was SO HOT! Ahhh I'm surprised I didn't die from the heat.

It was an interesting group. There was more of us this year, and it was very Greeky. Casey, Nick, Morgan and Heather were all just trying to get as many numbers as they could. I talked about England a lot... well I couldn't really help it.

I also met Leann Dodge, who is now my new favourite person. She loves Harry Potter, and is really jealous that I met Daniel Radcliffe and saw Equus. So is Morgan, but only because she loves Daniel and think he's hot. Um. I wouldn't go that far.

I also have my Harry Potter book!!! I got it in Maine at midnight with Rachel, Shannon, Morgan, Barbie, Heather, and Barbie's family. It was great. A lot of people dressed up, and of course Morgan and Heather got pics with all of them. We had a few drinks at Ruby Tuesdays which was fun. It was great to hang out with everyone. Waiting for the book was hell, and kind of confusing. The set up really wasn't that good. But I got it. Rachel and I went down to Hampton Beach and sat on the deck all weekend and read our books. I didn't finish it the first day either, but at like 1pm on Sunday. I'm so proud of myself. When I wasn't reading I had a Gilmore Girls marathon with Aunt Liz. SOO MUCH FUN!


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Alright, so I'm finally ready to give my review. I saw it opening day of course, it was a bit of luck that I got to go, so let me tell you the story.

I'm in Maine right now, for Orientation, and I thought how the heck am I seeing this??? I forgot that Rachel is a big fan, so at training, Lisa, my boss mentioned that Rachel was going! I talked to Rachel at once, and I got on board for seeing Harry Potter. Allison said she wanted to go too, as did Elyse. Elyse wanted to go just to hang out with us. We agreed to meet 15 minutes before the show began, which I knew was a mistake, but I let it go.

THE PLACE WAS MORE THAN PACKED! There was no room to park. As soon as I saw it, I wasn't surprised, though Elyse and Allison acted like the world was coming to an end. It's opening night of Harry Potter! In the midnight showings it made like 12 million. So we drove around trying to find a spot. Rachel and her friend parked across the street, which I suggested more than once. We found Rachel, and she gave us our tickets. But time was running out to find a spot, and I had to hit the bathroom, so I excused myself from the car. I have my before the movie routine, and it needed to be done so I could enjoy Harry Potter. We ended up going into the theater, and it was so packed. Some people were standing, and we couldn't find 5 seats together, or even 3. I suggested more than once to just grab a seat anywhere, and I found one so sat down. I watched Rachel and her friend, I thought they were going to have to sit on the steps, at which I would have joined them if they did that. I would have felt horrible sitting in a seat with them standing. But they found seats close to the screen, but at least they found them.

So the movie. It wasn't bad, but it could have been longer, more scenes put in, and Harry could have trashed Dumbledore's office. I would have been fine with that! BUT NO! No office trashing, and he didn't yell as much as I thought he would. Daniel Radcliffe was good, he had me in tears for the whole movie. Well okay that's a lie, but I started crying when he ran after Dumbledore when Umbridge almost made Trelawney leave Hogwarts. The desperation in his voice, and running after Dumbledore brought me to tears! Good job Daniel Radcliffe. I almost cried when he first saw Sirius, but for a whole different reason. I'm not happy with the way Sirius died, I stopped crying for that, because that's not the way it happens. Why would you do something like that? Kill him the way he dies! But I started crying as soon as he died, because Harry once again brought me to tears, and I didn't stop until the credits.

The music... AMAZING! I wish for a little bit more of Hedwig's Theme, but it was good. That's partly what did it, the music made me bawl. It's really good, and I was very nervous over the music. I had not really heard of the composer, and I love John Williams and Patrick Doyle so much.

The trio was SO good, but Gary Oldman wins in my book. Well he's Sirius, so he almost wins by default. I thought he plays a very good Sirius, and his words to Harry before he dies, "OH WOW! When he says that Harry has done beautifully, and let him take over... oh SIRIUS! I love him so much. I just love how he is always on Harry's side, no matter what. When he called Harry James... Oh, that almost killed me. I was happy to see the argument between Mrs. Weasley and Sirius in the movie, the one where they argue over Harry. Why couldn't he be in the room though? COME ON! But when Harry says that he wants to be in the Order, and the wink that Sirius gives him... oh heart breaking.

Umbridge was good. The detentions were heart breaking, when she told Harry that he deserves the pain. Oh wow. Fred and George were SO funny, and I did like their exit, but I still wish Peeves was in the movies. I would have loved to hear them say, "Give her hell for us Peeves." Is that too much to ask??

The trio was good. Hermione, as always, was good. The scene where she just breaks out laughing, as very interesting, I thought for a moment I was watching a blooper. But it's good to see scenes with just the three of them. They have grown up so well, and are always improving.

Dumbledore, well they could have done more with him. The scene where he leaves Hogwarts could have been longer, and more true to the book. That's an amazing scene, and I would have liked it more like the book. At least in that scene though they used some lines from the book, that's always good, but not common. Rowling writes very good dialogue, I wish more of it was used. Snape of course was funny.

What was with the memory though? It happened, and Harry didn't think again of it! It destroys him in the book! COME ON! ARGH! I wanted that to be longer, and feature the boys a little bit more, and of course Lily. I didn't want snippets! They had time to do so much more with this whole movie! Two hours and 18 minutes is not a long time!

So overall, it wasn't bad, but it had it's faults. I really, really wish they had Harry tearing apart Dumbledore's office. I know it was filmed. But ARGH! Oh well. Good job to the director. What is it about the ending though... why is something always screwed up there? Why couldn't there be more explanations? I really, really wish there was in the scene with Harry and Dumbledore at the end. Harry is so angry throughout the book/movie, why leave out his last big angry scene??? COME ON! I so wanted that line, "Then I'm sick of being human!" Or whatever Harry yells. ARRGGHHH!

Try again in Movie 6, maybe this ending won't be screwed up. It better not be since this is a big one!

Cape Cod

So last night we returned from Cape Cod. My grandmother has a cottage down there. It was all right, my Dad and I worked on the roof for three days, and I helped him with his other jobs. There's a man who doesn't know how to take a vacation. The house always needs some work done, so when he comes down he does it. I'm not sure his brothers do much for the house, when they take a vacation they really take one. Oh well.

Samwise came down on Thursday. My grandmother was with us, but she asked to be brought home, so my Mom did, and returned with the puppy. I love having him down, and I'm sure he loves to be there. He sleeps on my bed when he comes down, he doesn't have a bed of his own. When we first brought him down, my Mom thought he might sleep better if he had something familiar around him, so I let him sleep on my bed. He's a bed hog though, it is really funny. I don't mind though, he's just so cute.

I go to Maine on Wednesday for Orientation. I am really excited to go, it's a fun, but a hard two weeks. I enjoy it though. I'm not planning on coming home until it's over, I'll probably go to Hampton Beach on the weekends and stay at my Aunt's place. I did that last summer, and it was really cool. I got Shorty to come with me.

bica bica


So I just got back from the cottage last night. We went down to get the place ready for the 4th, and my grandmother coming. It was fun, I guess. Samwise came with us, he was very excited about the car ride. He slept some of the way, and just laid there for the rest, except when we were not on main roads, and he felt the need to get up every 5 seconds.

The cottage is nice, a little boring, but then without the Carrs there, I have no one to entertain me. I don't go swimming as much, usually just sit and read on what remains of the beach. it's very relaxing, but I like excitement in my life. So we are going back down tomorrow, and staying until Sunday. Woohoo. Cannot wait. I'm trying to get someone to come down and visit me for at least a day, end my boredom. We will see if it works.

Friday night was really interesting. I went to north to Ashburham to visit Gail, and play some hockey. She now lives in the middle of nowhere, right on a lake. It's so nice and quiet. It reminds me a little bit of the cottage. We ate dinner, and then I showed her some of my pictures. I showed her some of my pics... London, Matt Berry, and Rome. Rome was interesting because every other picture is the Colosseum. I just liked it a little bit. Can you blame me? She liked the London pictures, she didn't expect London to look so modern... I don't know why. I love showing the Matt Berry pictures, I love Matt Berry, he's brilliant, but no one seems to care. That night was so cool, I met Rich Fulcher, Richard Ayoade, and saw Matt Berry in concert!! Could the night have been any better? Well actually yes, Noel and Julian could have been there but hey.

Hockey was great! I met one of the freshmen going to USM. She's pretty good, so I look forward to seeing her at Orientation and tryouts. The hockey itself was really good, not over competitve, but just nice. It was both men and women, and it was good. I skated with two guys, and found myself hard pressed to keep up, but I did, and I got a few chances to score... it was really good. It's hard getting back into the focus and speed of hockey, but I'm getting there.

Bica Bica,
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Missing London

There is one thing that helped me with the thought of returning home from England, and it was hockey. After last night though I'm not sure it will be enough. It's hot as hell here, so I figured I would go to the rink early, sit and think, and cool down. So I got there, and sat up in Rink 2 and taped my stick. Of course, as soon as I was finished, I sat and was listening to some music, and I looked up at the game to see someone on one of the benches waving their arms trying to get my attention. It was Gail, my old hockey coach. She yelled/made motions asking if I wanted to play with them since they were really short. Well I can never say no to hockey, so I agreed, and I got their key, and dressed as quickly as I could.

On the ice though, I played D, and I'm usually pretty good at it, but I was off the whole night. Things didn't improve in the second game at all, everything went bad... passes were horrible, the ice sucked, and we got destroyed. The whole time, I was thinking about London. I was getting so angry because I want to be there, and I know I'm not going back yet, so I should just accept it and move on, but I can't. I love the States, but I love England, and I'm torn. Hockey I thought would help, but it's not. I was sitting in the locker room after the game thinking about London. The women were joking that I was sad about no alcohol, and I said no it's withdrawal. Well it somewhat is... from London. I miss it so much. I miss the little things, and of course London. I fell in love hard and fast with London, and even in the first few visits I knew it would be hard to leave. Well I feel like a part of me is missing...

So yeah, welcome home. Can I go back now?

Bica Bica,