bicabowl17 (bicabowl17) wrote,

Run Fat Boy Run

So I just needed to say that I finally saw Run Fat Boy Run... and I would run 26 miles for Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran! I LOVE THE TWO OF THEM SO MUCH!

Great movie... I cannot wait to get it on DVD!

My favorite person in the movie was... DYLAN MORAN! It's pretty good that I saw it alone in my room because oh yeah, no one needed to hear my comments about Dylan, and how much I love him. He was sooo funny. I love when he comes into Simon's room and says, "Wow! You look great!" Hahaha. His face is amazing, and I want to hug him and never let go.

Simon Pegg was really good too, of course. I'm a big fan of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced so yeah Simon can't do anything wrong in my eyes. He's really good! Great script! I never saw the ending coming... I thought he would finish it, but not that he would do the majority of it in extreme pain! I've run with something wrong with my feet, so yeah it sucks!

This just looks like a great movie to film! I'm sure Dylan and Simon, along with everyone else had WAY too much fun!
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