bicabowl17 (bicabowl17) wrote,

Another week


So another week has gone by, and it's been fun. I've watched the newest Robin Hood, the Boosh started this week, and school went well.

First let's start with the Boosh. I didn't realize it was starting this week, so did I get a surprise when I woke up on Thursday! WOW! I loved the first episode! I think the Hitcher is a great character, so having him in the episode was cool. Howard and Vince were so funny. Naboo and the shaman stag party won though.
We are super magic men,
We stay up til 5am,
And although bound by shaman law
What goes on tour, stays on TOUR!!!

I love their song so much. Richard Ayoade was so funny as Saboo. Tony Harrison is an 'outrage'! Hehehe. Great episode, cannot wait for the next one! I so love the Boosh!

Robin Hood was great too! Ah, I was holding Bowl Jr and Pooh the whole time. I was very afraid for Robin and Marian in the episode! I so love Robin Hood, this season is really good. It's much more dangerous, and the stakes are ten times higher! I hope they do another season! This one is half over! AH!

Classes went well. Still loving my honor's class. I hate Advanced Memoir soooo much. Argh, it makes me angry just thinking about it. Public Speaking is a hellish time too. I registered for classes for next semester though, taking The Bible, History of Criticism, Honors 102 and a seminar! Should be a good time!

Have to go, need to put on another Hogans!
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