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British Comedy makes me happy

I had a weekend of British comedy... does life get any better?
Oh yeah it does, it's called being in Camden Town meeting Noel and Julian.
Since I'm in Maine though, that will remain a dream that I love to have.

Anyway, I got Caitlin so into British comedy, it's almost funny. She came over Friday night and didn't leave until 1:30am. We watched the Rock Opera, the Quiz Show, Ponderland, the Boosh. It was amazing. I love the Rock Opera. Matt Berry is just so HOT! Julian is amazing too. Caitlin loved the Quiz show because she has this thing with Russell Brand. She loves him as much as I love Matt Berry. It was such a great night, we had lots of tea, snacks, and just watched stuff on my computer. We also talked about Germany, where she hopes to go, and London.

So if that is not enough, on Saturday, we went to the Gorham Grind, got breakfast, and then came back to my room and watched the rest of Ponderland, two Darkplaces, and The IT Crowd. I thought she might like Darkplace, and she said it was funny but corny. When I asked though if she wanted to watch another one, she asked what else I had. Darkplace is weird, I'll give you that, but I love it so much. Matt Berry is amazing in it, I love so many of his lines. "Bastard Monkey Hands! and Doctor Sanchez!" Amazing. Richard Ayoade is great too, especially when he has his gun. Hahaha. I love Julian to, he's great as a priest.

So after all this British comedy, I went to Shorty's, where we watched more. We watched the first episode of The IT Crowd, and then 3 episodes from the 2nd season. Everyone laughed so hard. I got really excited when Matt Berry made his entrance, "FATHER!" Hehehe, Oh Matt.

We also watched The Fountain. I have no idea what to think about it. It was good, I think, I mean the beginning was REALLY weird, but once you figured out everything it was pretty good. The special effects were really good. It was a simple story, but visually really good. Hugh Jackman was good in it. The music was amazing.

So that was my weekend. Today I did homework, homework, and for kicks more homework. I also watched the Pats play the Colts! WOW! The Pats won! They hurt themselves hard with two big Pass Interference calls, but Brady pulled it off in the end. The last 8 minutes, he seemed like the old Brady, the one who runs up the score on everyone, and kicks complete ass. I was so glad they won, and now they are still 8-0. GO PATS!

Now I'm watching CSI and Law and Order CI. Sooooo love these shows. Oh well back to them.

P.S. Robin Hood KICKED COMPLETE ASS THIS WEEK! STUPID ALLAN! Why, why do hot men betray other hot men??? Thankfully though he didn't say anything about Marian being the spy in the castle. I love Robin Hood SO MUCH!
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