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Apple Picking, Hockey, and some Soxs

So I'm sitting watching the Red Soxs DESTROY the Rockies. 13-1... DAAAAMMMMNNNN!

But first I thought I would talk about what I did this past weekend... even though the week is almost over. Anyway, Elyse and I went apple picking. It was sooo much fun. I climbed a tree or two to get at the apples, and it was really peaceful to just pick apples and talk. I love apples so freaking much. We ate like 2 apples each while picking them.. hehe. Here are some pics though.

I love to go apple picking!!!!

Let's see other than apple picking, I introduced three more people to the Boosh. Caitlin, Shain and Sarah. They LOVED IT! They laughed so hard at Old Gregg, and all other songs. They love Vince and Howard too! I was sooo happy. We had tea, and other food, what a great evening. I thought at first it might not happy, but thankfully it did!!!

Russell Brand also has a new show, and it's funny. Ponderland, Russell Brand ponders the world. I laughed so hard, probably more than is appropriate too. But then that's British comedy. The show makes me happy, since I do need some fun in my life, after being cut from the hockey team. Yep, I'm not playing this year :( Taking two years off didn't do me any good. I wouldn't give up the year in England for anything though. I'm glad I went, and I'm sure the reason for this insanity will be revealed soon. I hope so.

Ohhh the Soxs are amazing right now. 13-1... DAMN! Beckett has it so easy, he's kicking complete ass. The Red Soxs are batting soo good too! Well 13 runs, yeah amazing. Go Soxs!

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