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Noel Fielding

So I'm sitting on my bed, watching the Red Soxs, listening to Russell Brand's radio show and ohhh NOEL FIELDING is the guest co-host. Somehow I love Noel Fielding even more. He said the words, "Ice hockey puck", and it was amazing. I want that sound clip, and just listen to it all the time. Ahhhh I love Russell and Noel together. I'm not a big fan of Russell unless he's with Noel, and then he's amazing. They are the Goth Detectives! Oh Noel.

Did you know gay people wear red. It's the sign. So according to Noel, all goths are straight. Appartently in the radio show, they are the only ones not wearing red, they are of course wearing BLACK. Oh I love those two.

Other than listening to Noel, I've had a nice Boosh weekend. I showed the Boosh to Caitlin, Sarah and Shain. I just met Sarah and Shain last night, but they are fun. They LOVED the Boosh. I was so amazed.

Sorry, but why is David Walliams so popular with anyone? He still annoys from the Big Fat Quiz Show 2006. Ah, they are talking about David Walliams, and I don't get why.

Anyway, back to last night. They loved Old Gregg. I mean, who can't love Old Gregg??? He's so amazing! We watched The Tundra, Old Gregg, Nanageddon, and Killeroo. We laughed so hard. I hadn't seen Killeroo or Nanageddon for awhile, so I laughed soooo hard. Especially when Bob Fossil was dancing. We made Irish tea too, and that was good. I made two pots in my Harrods pot.

Ummm other than the Boosh, school is good. My Honors class is good, I'm still enjoying it. I don't know Advanced Memoir that much, but I didn't have it last week. I was way too excited about that. I spent Wednesday with Shorty watching Black Books, and two episodes of The IT Crowd. Shorty laughed so hard. It was great. I love spreading the love. Creative Writing is so-so, as is Public Speaking. I'm giving a speech tomorrow about the Coconut Orchestra. Should be good times.

Dryland was fun. I did the end of it, the beginning was way too tough on my knee. I biked instead. Tomorrow morning we get on the ice... ahhh nervous. I don't know this coach well, so I'm nervous, and he doesn't know that much about me, expect I have a shitty knee. Not the best impression I want to make.

Oh well. We shall see what happens tomorrow, and next week.

Oh I just watched the newest Robin Hood... DAMN MARIAN! If she isn't careful she will be getting herself killed. Though I bet that in one episode her Dad dies, and she's revealed as the Nightwatchmen, and then Robin has to save her, and then they run into the forest together. Or was that just my dreams talking??? Next week looks interesting, Will loses control. Maybe Djaq can help him... hehe. The kids in this episode were so cute, and Robin was amazing. I love him so much. This season ROCKS!

Alright that's long enough! Back to the Soxs.
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