March 29th, 2009

Robin Hood as begun again

Oh Robin Hood... what would I do without you?


I've been pondering for ohhhh since the finale if I would continue to watch Robin Hood and when I saw it online, well I got curious. So here we go. No Marian, no Will or Djaq. did I watch it?

It was okay. I missed my Sqquueeeeee moments of Marian and Robin. But I did like the end when he said, "I'll always love you." Sweet.

Robin is a BAMF. The way he treated his gang... dude Robin. And why did it takes months of traveling to get home and like a day to get to the Holy Land? Um.

Gisborne does look like he went on a year bender. I read some review that said that. So true, so true. But I don't feel bad for him. Who kills a defenseless woman? Seriously. I like Robin and Gisborne's exchange at the end when Gisborne says to Robin to do it and he wants it to be over. He's in hell and Robin says, "Then stay there." GO ROBIN!

You have to love the dedication even though Robin treated them like shit. That is one thing I do like about Robin Hood. And can we talk about how bad some of the scenes looked? Are they using a cheap form of green/blue screen? Or CGI? Lol. The scenes by the cliff and the water when Gisborne was about to throw the girl in are just so bad.

I liked Tuck. The way he handled Robin was good since no one in his gang could ever do that to him. Well Djaq could somewhat do that, but who knows if he would have listened. But Tuck gave him no choice. Marian was the only one who had a chance in hell of getting through to him. Nice to know that there is someone else who Robin will listen to.

About his god complex... yeah he's a cocky bastard. Well not anymore. He had it all and he knew it. He had a woman who loved him, people who adored him, and the bad guys wanted him dead. Can you get anymore high than that? It's every boy's dream! But Marian's death destroyed all of that for him. It was the one thin that held him together. People's opinions fade, and there could be a change in command who doesn't care about him, but Marian would never stop loving him. With her love, he could take over the world. But now she's gone and he doesn't know what to do. Tuck made that very clear for him.

Yeah, I think that's about all I got for this episode. I realized that most of my comments for the last two seasons were all about Marian and Robin and how I loved them so much. I now am somewhat interested in where this is going... especially if the fight is now in England AND Ireland. WTF! I just learned this in the History of England class I am taking and it was Henry II or Richard and John's Dad who started the whole, "Oh let's get Ireland." Well okay it was a little more complicated than that. Anyway.

Til next time.