Robin Hood as begun again

Oh Robin Hood... what would I do without you?


I've been pondering for ohhhh since the finale if I would continue to watch Robin Hood and when I saw it online, well I got curious. So here we go. No Marian, no Will or Djaq. did I watch it?

It was okay. I missed my Sqquueeeeee moments of Marian and Robin. But I did like the end when he said, "I'll always love you." Sweet.

Robin is a BAMF. The way he treated his gang... dude Robin. And why did it takes months of traveling to get home and like a day to get to the Holy Land? Um.

Gisborne does look like he went on a year bender. I read some review that said that. So true, so true. But I don't feel bad for him. Who kills a defenseless woman? Seriously. I like Robin and Gisborne's exchange at the end when Gisborne says to Robin to do it and he wants it to be over. He's in hell and Robin says, "Then stay there." GO ROBIN!

You have to love the dedication even though Robin treated them like shit. That is one thing I do like about Robin Hood. And can we talk about how bad some of the scenes looked? Are they using a cheap form of green/blue screen? Or CGI? Lol. The scenes by the cliff and the water when Gisborne was about to throw the girl in are just so bad.

I liked Tuck. The way he handled Robin was good since no one in his gang could ever do that to him. Well Djaq could somewhat do that, but who knows if he would have listened. But Tuck gave him no choice. Marian was the only one who had a chance in hell of getting through to him. Nice to know that there is someone else who Robin will listen to.

About his god complex... yeah he's a cocky bastard. Well not anymore. He had it all and he knew it. He had a woman who loved him, people who adored him, and the bad guys wanted him dead. Can you get anymore high than that? It's every boy's dream! But Marian's death destroyed all of that for him. It was the one thin that held him together. People's opinions fade, and there could be a change in command who doesn't care about him, but Marian would never stop loving him. With her love, he could take over the world. But now she's gone and he doesn't know what to do. Tuck made that very clear for him.

Yeah, I think that's about all I got for this episode. I realized that most of my comments for the last two seasons were all about Marian and Robin and how I loved them so much. I now am somewhat interested in where this is going... especially if the fight is now in England AND Ireland. WTF! I just learned this in the History of England class I am taking and it was Henry II or Richard and John's Dad who started the whole, "Oh let's get Ireland." Well okay it was a little more complicated than that. Anyway.

Til next time.


So just thought I would update... life is good. Living in Portland Hall for the summer, and it's sweet. I go on duty for the first time tomorrow. I'm watching hockey right now... Pens vs. Flyers. The Avs are out. That was just an embarrassment. I'm still proud to be an Avs fan, but it was just not good. So many Avs players got injured that they had no chance in hell.

School ended just fine. Still waiting on my grades. I think I'm getting two As, a B+, but I don't know what I am getting for my Honors class. I think a B+... hopefully.

I just have to comment on House last night. AMAZING. Hugh Laurie has my heart. The episode was just SO GOOD. One of my favorite lines is, "I use to drink and then drive home, but some Mom's got mad-d." HAHAHA! Classic. Cannot wait to find out what happens next week... it's the season finale. House is going to have a seizure, and some other nasty stuff. Awesome. It wouldn't be a good finale unless House was hurt. Hehe.

All right, well that's it.

Run Fat Boy Run

So I just needed to say that I finally saw Run Fat Boy Run... and I would run 26 miles for Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran! I LOVE THE TWO OF THEM SO MUCH!

Great movie... I cannot wait to get it on DVD!

My favorite person in the movie was... DYLAN MORAN! It's pretty good that I saw it alone in my room because oh yeah, no one needed to hear my comments about Dylan, and how much I love him. He was sooo funny. I love when he comes into Simon's room and says, "Wow! You look great!" Hahaha. His face is amazing, and I want to hug him and never let go.

Simon Pegg was really good too, of course. I'm a big fan of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced so yeah Simon can't do anything wrong in my eyes. He's really good! Great script! I never saw the ending coming... I thought he would finish it, but not that he would do the majority of it in extreme pain! I've run with something wrong with my feet, so yeah it sucks!

This just looks like a great movie to film! I'm sure Dylan and Simon, along with everyone else had WAY too much fun!

NME Awards

THE MIGHTY BOOSH WON BEST TV SHOW!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! Buzzcocks, The IT Crowd and Heroes was nominated! And the BOOSH WON!!!!!! I'm floored. Well not because the Boosh won, because it deserves it, but it beat Heroes! It had really good competition.

Noel got both best dressed and sexiest man! WELL OF COURSE! Though I saw pictures and Patrick Wolfe was looking rather striking... HAHAHA! He's funny. I saw him on Buzzcocks.


Oh and Matthew Horne was one of the presenters... he was SO COOL in Robin Hood!!!!!!!

Another week


So another week has gone by, and it's been fun. I've watched the newest Robin Hood, the Boosh started this week, and school went well.

First let's start with the Boosh. I didn't realize it was starting this week, so did I get a surprise when I woke up on Thursday! WOW! I loved the first episode! I think the Hitcher is a great character, so having him in the episode was cool. Howard and Vince were so funny. Naboo and the shaman stag party won though.
We are super magic men,
We stay up til 5am,
And although bound by shaman law
What goes on tour, stays on TOUR!!!

I love their song so much. Richard Ayoade was so funny as Saboo. Tony Harrison is an 'outrage'! Hehehe. Great episode, cannot wait for the next one! I so love the Boosh!

Robin Hood was great too! Ah, I was holding Bowl Jr and Pooh the whole time. I was very afraid for Robin and Marian in the episode! I so love Robin Hood, this season is really good. It's much more dangerous, and the stakes are ten times higher! I hope they do another season! This one is half over! AH!

Classes went well. Still loving my honor's class. I hate Advanced Memoir soooo much. Argh, it makes me angry just thinking about it. Public Speaking is a hellish time too. I registered for classes for next semester though, taking The Bible, History of Criticism, Honors 102 and a seminar! Should be a good time!

Have to go, need to put on another Hogans!

British Comedy makes me happy

I had a weekend of British comedy... does life get any better?
Oh yeah it does, it's called being in Camden Town meeting Noel and Julian.
Since I'm in Maine though, that will remain a dream that I love to have.

Anyway, I got Caitlin so into British comedy, it's almost funny. She came over Friday night and didn't leave until 1:30am. We watched the Rock Opera, the Quiz Show, Ponderland, the Boosh. It was amazing. I love the Rock Opera. Matt Berry is just so HOT! Julian is amazing too. Caitlin loved the Quiz show because she has this thing with Russell Brand. She loves him as much as I love Matt Berry. It was such a great night, we had lots of tea, snacks, and just watched stuff on my computer. We also talked about Germany, where she hopes to go, and London.

So if that is not enough, on Saturday, we went to the Gorham Grind, got breakfast, and then came back to my room and watched the rest of Ponderland, two Darkplaces, and The IT Crowd. I thought she might like Darkplace, and she said it was funny but corny. When I asked though if she wanted to watch another one, she asked what else I had. Darkplace is weird, I'll give you that, but I love it so much. Matt Berry is amazing in it, I love so many of his lines. "Bastard Monkey Hands! and Doctor Sanchez!" Amazing. Richard Ayoade is great too, especially when he has his gun. Hahaha. I love Julian to, he's great as a priest.

So after all this British comedy, I went to Shorty's, where we watched more. We watched the first episode of The IT Crowd, and then 3 episodes from the 2nd season. Everyone laughed so hard. I got really excited when Matt Berry made his entrance, "FATHER!" Hehehe, Oh Matt.

We also watched The Fountain. I have no idea what to think about it. It was good, I think, I mean the beginning was REALLY weird, but once you figured out everything it was pretty good. The special effects were really good. It was a simple story, but visually really good. Hugh Jackman was good in it. The music was amazing.

So that was my weekend. Today I did homework, homework, and for kicks more homework. I also watched the Pats play the Colts! WOW! The Pats won! They hurt themselves hard with two big Pass Interference calls, but Brady pulled it off in the end. The last 8 minutes, he seemed like the old Brady, the one who runs up the score on everyone, and kicks complete ass. I was so glad they won, and now they are still 8-0. GO PATS!

Now I'm watching CSI and Law and Order CI. Sooooo love these shows. Oh well back to them.

P.S. Robin Hood KICKED COMPLETE ASS THIS WEEK! STUPID ALLAN! Why, why do hot men betray other hot men??? Thankfully though he didn't say anything about Marian being the spy in the castle. I love Robin Hood SO MUCH!
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The Joy of Wednesdays

So I'm sitting in the Woodbury eating area/dining hall, whatever the hell this place is, and for a first not making a fool out of myself. I'm watching videos of Grissom and Lady Heather, yeah I need a life. I was watching Grissom and Sara, and before that Russell Brand. I watched a few minutes of Russell Brand's Got Issues, and it didn't grab my attention as much as Ponderland did. Um.

So since learning that I am not playing hockey, it's now been a week, I've had such a busy life. Yes that was sarcastic. I went home for the weekend. That was fun. I went into JP with Dad, and wow. The house is looking good. The War room looks good, as does the rest of upstairs. But thankfully there was a little bit more of wallpaper on the walls, and I GOT TO TAKE IT OFF! Woohoo!! I almost got to plaster and do some painting. Good day overall.

Sunday, I did nothing. I sat and watched the Pats and then the Soxs! I SOXS WON THE WORLD SERIES! HOLY CRAP! I never really thought they would do it so soon after 2004. But yeah they did it. They have a pretty good team, and some good pitching so they deserved it. Dad, MK and I stayed up to watch the game.

Since coming back to Maine, I've gone to class and yeah that's it. I've tried to do some writing, but nothing has come to me. The biggest news I have is my TV shows. I caught up on Journeyman, I really like that show. It's interesting, and of course it has Kevin McKidd in it. I would watch him read the phone book if he would give that glare of his once in awhile. CSI Miami is still good, Law and Order SVU was reruns... er, but tomorrow is a new CSI!!! WOOHOO!!!! So love that show. Sara also said yes to Grissom to getting married!! AHHHHH. So exciting.

The Boosh starts soon, as does a new show Golf Wars. Golf Wars has Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher in it!!!! YESSSS!!! Noel is also going to be on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, which is sooo exciting. Richard Ayoade is going to be on a special Big Fat Quiz Show, that is amazing!!! All my guys have something new coming up!

Robin Hood though is the most exciting show at the second. I LOVE JONAS ARMSTRONG!!!!!! He's so good at Robin, and I love him. He and Marian are ADORABLE together. I love all their special little moments! Robin is going to find out the spy next episode... ahhhhh. Stupid Alan for betraying Robin. So uncool! And OMG WILL! Last episode he was insane! And Djaq was the one to calm him down, that is so cute. Love Djaq!

So now that I am watching Robin Hood again, episode 5, which of course I've seen a hundred times. I just love Robin Hood so much. The Sheriff is sooooo funny!

Alright that's it for me. See you on the dark side! HAHAHAHA

P.S. I mentioned Richmond in class today. We were talking about Socrates and how one version of him has him being really excited about God. Schmidt asked if we would want to hang out with him, and I said no he seems way too excited about death. I mentioned in The IT Crowd, when Richmond is hanging over Moss's shoulder, and Moss keeps saying that nothing is worth it, and everything is pointless. HHAHAH, it's basically what Socrates was doing.

Now I'm off.
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Apple Picking, Hockey, and some Soxs

So I'm sitting watching the Red Soxs DESTROY the Rockies. 13-1... DAAAAMMMMNNNN!

But first I thought I would talk about what I did this past weekend... even though the week is almost over. Anyway, Elyse and I went apple picking. It was sooo much fun. I climbed a tree or two to get at the apples, and it was really peaceful to just pick apples and talk. I love apples so freaking much. We ate like 2 apples each while picking them.. hehe. Here are some pics though.

I love to go apple picking!!!!

Let's see other than apple picking, I introduced three more people to the Boosh. Caitlin, Shain and Sarah. They LOVED IT! They laughed so hard at Old Gregg, and all other songs. They love Vince and Howard too! I was sooo happy. We had tea, and other food, what a great evening. I thought at first it might not happy, but thankfully it did!!!

Russell Brand also has a new show, and it's funny. Ponderland, Russell Brand ponders the world. I laughed so hard, probably more than is appropriate too. But then that's British comedy. The show makes me happy, since I do need some fun in my life, after being cut from the hockey team. Yep, I'm not playing this year :( Taking two years off didn't do me any good. I wouldn't give up the year in England for anything though. I'm glad I went, and I'm sure the reason for this insanity will be revealed soon. I hope so.

Ohhh the Soxs are amazing right now. 13-1... DAMN! Beckett has it so easy, he's kicking complete ass. The Red Soxs are batting soo good too! Well 13 runs, yeah amazing. Go Soxs!

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Noel Fielding

So I'm sitting on my bed, watching the Red Soxs, listening to Russell Brand's radio show and ohhh NOEL FIELDING is the guest co-host. Somehow I love Noel Fielding even more. He said the words, "Ice hockey puck", and it was amazing. I want that sound clip, and just listen to it all the time. Ahhhh I love Russell and Noel together. I'm not a big fan of Russell unless he's with Noel, and then he's amazing. They are the Goth Detectives! Oh Noel.

Did you know gay people wear red. It's the sign. So according to Noel, all goths are straight. Appartently in the radio show, they are the only ones not wearing red, they are of course wearing BLACK. Oh I love those two.

Other than listening to Noel, I've had a nice Boosh weekend. I showed the Boosh to Caitlin, Sarah and Shain. I just met Sarah and Shain last night, but they are fun. They LOVED the Boosh. I was so amazed.

Sorry, but why is David Walliams so popular with anyone? He still annoys from the Big Fat Quiz Show 2006. Ah, they are talking about David Walliams, and I don't get why.

Anyway, back to last night. They loved Old Gregg. I mean, who can't love Old Gregg??? He's so amazing! We watched The Tundra, Old Gregg, Nanageddon, and Killeroo. We laughed so hard. I hadn't seen Killeroo or Nanageddon for awhile, so I laughed soooo hard. Especially when Bob Fossil was dancing. We made Irish tea too, and that was good. I made two pots in my Harrods pot.

Ummm other than the Boosh, school is good. My Honors class is good, I'm still enjoying it. I don't know Advanced Memoir that much, but I didn't have it last week. I was way too excited about that. I spent Wednesday with Shorty watching Black Books, and two episodes of The IT Crowd. Shorty laughed so hard. It was great. I love spreading the love. Creative Writing is so-so, as is Public Speaking. I'm giving a speech tomorrow about the Coconut Orchestra. Should be good times.

Dryland was fun. I did the end of it, the beginning was way too tough on my knee. I biked instead. Tomorrow morning we get on the ice... ahhh nervous. I don't know this coach well, so I'm nervous, and he doesn't know that much about me, expect I have a shitty knee. Not the best impression I want to make.

Oh well. We shall see what happens tomorrow, and next week.

Oh I just watched the newest Robin Hood... DAMN MARIAN! If she isn't careful she will be getting herself killed. Though I bet that in one episode her Dad dies, and she's revealed as the Nightwatchmen, and then Robin has to save her, and then they run into the forest together. Or was that just my dreams talking??? Next week looks interesting, Will loses control. Maybe Djaq can help him... hehe. The kids in this episode were so cute, and Robin was amazing. I love him so much. This season ROCKS!

Alright that's long enough! Back to the Soxs.